WEDDING FLOWERS - Hints, Tips and FAQ's

We hope you find this page helpful. If you have any further questions or simply need some advice please feel free to get in touch.


Choosing your flowers

When considering your bouquets, think about your dress and those of any bridesmaids. The style, the colour and any detailing, the overall look you would like to achieve, your personality and any favourite flowers or colours.
For your venuue flowers, think about the style and decor, the type of wedding ceremony you are having, the time of year, any theme you may have and the type of atmosphere you would like to create for your wedding day.

Price and Budget

The price of any floral design will depend on the amount of flowers and foliage's used, their individual costs and the time element needed to make up the design. Inevitably there can be large variations in price even without the seasonal variations. This is why we don't have a set price list as such, but why we offer all clients a consultation and why we are happy to advise on budget and how to make the very best of it. We want to help all our brides achieve the most amazing flowers possible for their special day, so advice on this is all part of our special and personal service.
Delivery, set-up and the hire of any containers/vases or stands will be included in the price.

When do I need to book ?

It is advisable to book as soon as you have booked your venues. That way we can ensure you a personal service at all times. We only cater for a limited number of weddings per week, 12 - 18 months in advance is not uncommon.

Can you arrange a consultation out of hours ?

For your convenience we can arrange a home or work consultation if necessary to fit into your busy schedule.

Hire Items

We have a large selection of items including; vases, candelebra, birdcages, lanterns, urns and pedestal stands available to hire as part of our wedding flower service. All prices quoted by us will assume the hire of any item needed for the design.
If you would prefer us to use your containers, just let us know at your initial consultation.

What happens on the day ?

Bridal Party Flowers - we will deliver your bouquets at a time we have previously agreed with you.

  • On receipt of delivery keep them somewhere cool, out of direct sunlight and well away from any draughts, heat sources, fruit or vegetable, animals and small children! A garage is ideal.
  • Bouquets in water need to be removed about 45 minutes before you leave for the ceremony. Dry the stems gently with paper towel, then leave to dry off naturally so the stems do not mark the dress.
  • Petals can bruise easily so remember to handle with care.
  • Buttonholes will have pins provided, men wear them on their left and women on their right.

Church/Venue Flowers - we will deliver and set up your church/venue flowers at a time previously agreed with you and the church/venue.

  • We will liase with your nominated person who will be responsible for over-seeing this process on the day.
  • It is vitally important to inform us immediately if any of the previously agreed details change.
  • The day after we will return to collect up any hire items you may have used, at a time agreed with your venue.